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Solaris currently invests in Retail and Commercial property in South Africa and Namibia. In future, we will add Housing and Industrial property solutions.

• Convenience Retail Centres
• Rural

• Office


The Kago Retail Development Fund and the Boloka Convenience Retail Investment Fund invest in retail convenience and neighbourhood shopping centres. Add Cadence-Khumo fund.

The niche asset types identified for both funds are located in high growth, high income nodes in the major metropoles. These centres have been resilient through a change in shopping patterns and retail logistics, which supports their sustainability.

Kago Retail Development Fund

development, re-development, expansion

This fund is focused on sourcing “greenfield” and acquiring “brownfield” development prospects. The nature and characteristics of these opportunities mean investors can participate at cost, and with more aggressive debt structuring. Higher IRR compensates investors for sharing in the development risk and rewards them via appreciation in value.

Boloka Convenience Retail Investment Fund

asset management

This fund caters for long-term investors seeking exposure to convenience retail assets underpinned by strong property fundamentals. The asset management contributes to an increasing net income as well as capital appreciation in the underlying assets. Assets acquired for the fund are 8,000-m² – 20,000m² in size, have high quality aesthetics, comprise a complimentary tenant mix, cater to their customers’ essential needs, and are well maintained and managed.

Real partnership.
With a really impressive track record.

We have developed carefully chosen, long-standing, and mutually trusting relationships with partners whose expertise is respected, whose success is established, and whose values align with ours. They are the best in the business.

We engage, collaborate and participate together, complementing each other to deliver stellar results.

Property origination and investment partners:

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