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Real assets.
That make a real difference.

Why are we called Solaris?

It means of or pertaining to the sun. And for us, that evokes particular qualities: warmth, brightness and illumination; energy, boldness and optimism.

It’s these characteristics that make us believe, and work hard to achieve, two important things. One, we can generate excellent returns for investors. And, two, we can do it while making a positive impact on people and communities.

Why the focus on real assets?

Because it’s about so much more than just an idea, spreadsheet or certificate. Unlisted property opens the door for you to invest in something tangible and physical. It can be experienced.

You can visit a property and walk its passages. You can see how it serves people and boosts local economies. In a retail property, you can support the stores. In industrial property, you can witness the jobs you helped to create, in action. With affordable housing, you can engage with people you helped provide homes for. And you can do this while protecting and growing your capital.

Real assets provide essential services in essential places. They give people new opportunities to work and live, where previously there was a shortage of jobs and accommodation. They activate new hubs and power the economy.

In short: property offers permanence, purpose and profit.

Real alignment. Real vision.
Really well executed.

Solaris Real Assets is a juristic representative of Khumo Capital.

Our shared vision is to be a market-leading black owned, controlled and managed specialist asset manager. We believe in genuinely transforming the industry, and a key focus is to develop, nurture and support opportunities for young black talent.

Khumo Capital supports Solaris through its industry gravitas and by providing FSP licenses, institutional-quality operations, robust internal control and governance, a business development network, and operating and seed capital.

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